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Permanent Makeup – Lips

The lip tattoo procedure or micropigmentation is the process of introducing a special hypoallergenic pigment into the subcutaneous layer to a depth of 0.3–0.8 mm, with the help of which the lips acquire a clear indelible contour. The most popular lip tattoo techniques will be considered in this article.

Lip tattoo techniques: how to choose the best.

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What problems does lip tattooing solve?

Modern fashionistas often use this procedure for a number of reasons:

  • With the help of a properly selected technique of permanent lip makeup, defects in the form of scars, cleft lip, asymmetry and other similar imperfections can be corrected.
  • Tattooing can give visual volume to the lips.
  • For women over 40, permanent lip makeup eliminates such a problem as a fuzzy contour. Tattooing allows you to correct it, transform the shape, make the lips plump and bright.
  • For very busy girls with a constant lack of time, the procedure helps to forget about the constant correction of lip makeup during the day and reduces the time of the daily morning make-up.

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Lip tattoo techniques examples

Techniques for permanent lip tattooing are selected by a professional master, depending on the problem that needs to be solved. All varieties of modern permanent makeup will be considered in detail below.

Contour technique

Blurred lip contour is experienced by most women over 40 years old. It is with this problem that they turn to the salon. The clear contour obtained as a result of the procedure resembles a pencil stroke.

It is worth noting that lip correction in this way does not change the shape acquired from birth. Correctly performed technique leads to a natural effect: the selected pigment, in perfect harmony with the natural shade, transforms the lips. The result of the correction looks natural and soft.

Contour technique with shading

Lip tattoo techniques

To give the lips brightness and juiciness, they use the technique of permanent makeup with shading and highlighting the contour. The idea of ​​such a tattoo is to apply a contour of the same shade as the pigment used on the lips. The middle is not stained, the effect of a slightly erased lipstick is visually created.

Due to the fact that the permanent is applied beyond the natural boundaries of the contour, the effect of plump and more voluminous lips is created. Any shade of pigment is chosen – both dark and light. The technique can be used by young ladies of all ages.

3D technique

Lip tattoo techniques

The most difficult to perform is the 3D lip tattoo technique. Permanent makeup with this effect helps to correct the nuances in the form of sloppy contour, asymmetry, insufficient or excessive fullness of the lips. The contour and shading in the 3D technique are performed using several shades of pigment. As a rule, masters use five colors, this allows you to create volume on the lips.



The 3D make-up technique, which consists of contouring and full filling of the lips, is carried out in two sessions. On the first, the master highlights the contour, on the second, he completely fills the surface of the lips. A significant disadvantage of this procedure is that after its completion it is forbidden to be in the open sun, and the liquid can only be drunk through a straw.

Lip light technique

Lip tattoo techniques

The technique of lip tattooing “Lip light” has a second name – “Light Kayal”. The procedure can only be carried out by an experienced master. By applying a light pigment over the contour, a puffy effect is created. The kayal lip tattoo technique has one important condition: the lips must be perfectly shaped! Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect, in which all the flaws will be highlighted.

Technique “Naturel”

Lip tattoo techniques

The Naturel technique is suitable for girls who do not want to make significant changes to the shape of the lips acquired from birth. This procedure will help to give native lips brightness and expressiveness. To do this, during the procedure, pigment shades close to the natural range are used. Surrounding such a tattoo is not striking.

watercolor technique

Lip tattoo techniques

The tattoo of the lips, made using the watercolor technique, is distinguished by the absence of clear boundaries around the lip line. The master performs the procedure using a color pigment of muted shades, gently blending it over the surface of the lips. The non-contour technique of tattooing helps to achieve the most natural and natural look.

For those around you, permanent makeup with shading will be associated with applied gloss or a pale pink balm. Lip tattooing, performed in a non-contour technique, is suitable for females of all ages.

Permanent lipstick technique

Lip tattoo techniques

During the procedure, the master uses pigment, filling the entire surface of the lips, as a result, the effect is created that they are brightly made up. This type of permanent makeup is popular with girls who want to radically change their appearance. The lipstick technique of lip tattooing completely eliminates the use of lipstick.

Properly chosen by a specialist, the shade of the pigment creates an attractive volume and a pleasant shine.

Different lip tattoo techniques are aimed at eliminating certain aesthetic problems. To get the desired result, be sure to tell the master about your wishes.