Naturel by Liya Grig
The NATUREL technique is first of all a philosophy, and only then a technique.
How often do we see the tattoo on the faces of strangers? Almost always we recognize its presence. Inconsistency
to natural reliefs, forms and shades gives it away even to a non-professional.

What do our clients want?
Clients always want to be fashionable and go to those craftsmen who offer fashionable solutions. But in PM the fashion
it is dangerous to make fashion: fashion changes, PM stays.
It is always fashionable to have well-groomed, moisturized skin and readable, expressive, but not decorative facial features.

Make-up Nude – always fashionable, it emphasizes the advantages, corrects flaws and thus the face looks not
The face looks beautiful not with makeup, but with a natural makeup look. It is a makeup that adds freshness and takes away age. It doesn’t overload
I applied the words in the hashtag #whichnever guessed to my clients so that the hashtags speak for themselves about
My aesthetics, because like you, I often faced decorative requests but couldn’t meet them.
For me, the best PM that reflects the character, image, style and psycho-type of the girl, but even a bright
dramatic bright PM should look natural and not scream about its artificial origin.

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