All about Eyebrow Permanent Makeup

All about eyebrow tattooing: types, application techniques, post-procedure care rules, before and after photos…

All about eyebrow tattooing: types, application techniques, post-procedure care rules, before and after photos


Permanent makeup is an opportunity to remain beautiful under any circumstances. Eyebrow Tattoo not flow, is not erased and is not washed off with water. Thanks to modern technology, you can increase the volume of eyebrows, adjust the shape, hide minor imperfections and eliminate possible asymmetries. The essence of the procedure

Eyebrow Tattoo is the introduction of pigment into the upper layer of the skin. The dye lingers in the epidermis for a long time, giving the eyebrows the desired shape.

How is permanent eyebrow makeup done? In the work, the master uses sterile needles, an antibacterial agent and a local anesthetic. Modern anesthetics perfectly relieve pain. The procedure takes place in a comfortable environment. Full recovery of the skin occurs in a month. Therefore, it is so important to follow the recommendations of specialists after eyebrow tattooing.

Varieties of eyebrow tattoo

There are several types of eyebrow tattoo. The choice of method for applying the pigment depends on the wishes of the client and the characteristics of the natural growth of hairs.

In the before and after photos you can see the result of the work of the masters of our studio.

  1. Hair technique The master uses the apparatus to apply small strokes of dye, imitating hairs. There are several options for styling hardware hairs, which creates the most natural look.
  2. Powdery Shading. The technique is suitable for owners of light and dull eyebrows with gaps. The dye is injected under the skin in small portions. Shades can vary – this creates the effect of volume. Visually, such a tattoo looks like shadows or a neat drawing with a cosmetic pencil.
  3. Microblading. The master uses a manual maniple to apply the pigment under the skin. Paint is placed in small cuts. The recovery period after microblading is longer than after regular tattooing.
  4. Hyperrealism. Author’s hardware technique based on drawing each hair in different directions using different dye tones to create the illusion of volume. The technique, unlike microblading, is best suited for European skin types and has a short recovery period.

How is a tattoo done

How is eyebrow tattoo done? Before deciding on the procedure, carefully study the indications and contraindications. Read reviews about masters and salons, see photos of works. Trust your beauty only to a qualified specialist.

The choice of the shape of the eyebrows, taking into account the oval of the face

Professionals know everything about eyebrow modeling. The choice of the shape of the eyebrows depends not only on the wishes of the client, but also on the features of the appearance: the oval of the face, the shape, location and fit of the eyes, the size of the facial features, the color type of the skin. Note that it is very difficult to independently determine which eyebrow tattoo technique you need to do if you do not have all the necessary knowledge and skills. As a rule, 7 forms of faces are distinguished:

  1. Oval. This type of appearance is considered the most proportional, eyebrows of any shape will do, but lines with a slight angle will look most advantageous. Any eyebrow tattoo technique will suit an oval face.
  2. Round. A wide face visually needs to be extended, so the tips of the eyebrows should be directed upwards. Straight lines, arched shapes and smooth curves should be avoided, this will round the face even more. Don’t lengthen the ponytail. You can give your face a graphic look with microblading.
  3. Square. Wide protruding upper and lower cheekbones are characteristic. Angular shapes need to be smoothed out. For women of age, an eyebrow permanent in the hair technique in the form of a smooth arc of medium width is suitable. Young girls can make voluminous voluminous eyebrows without a strong lift. Here, mixed techniques are used – at the beginning of the eyebrow and up to the corner, you can do shading, and draw the tail of the eyebrow more clearly using the hair technique.
  4. Rectangular. This type of appearance is distinguished by a massive chin with wide, low-lying cheekbones. Since the face has an elongated shape, it is not worth making eyebrows with a pronounced rise and a short tail, this will break the proportions. For a rectangular face shape, straight eyebrows are ideal, it is important to avoid corners so as not to weigh down the appearance. Any tattoo technique will do.
  5. Polygonal. The diamond-shaped shape of the diamond is an angular face with protruding cheekbones, a chin, and pronounced brow ridges. Such graphics need to be smoothed out. A rounded eyebrow permanent with a slight kink is best suited. Give preference to powder technique. Light shading will not emphasize the eyebrows and make the appearance softer.
  6. Triangular. The face expands in the frontal zone, the chin is usually sharp and narrow. For a triangle, graceful eyebrows with a slight bend are suitable. Short ponytails would be a good option. In this case, you need to pay special attention to the length of the eyebrow. Since the face expands upwards, a straight arch shape is contraindicated, such permanent eyebrow makeup risks creating the illusion of close-set eyes and wide temples. Suitable powder coating and light microblading.
  7. Pear-shaped. An inverted triangle with a base in the jaw area. The face widens downward. You can balance the proportions with the help of long, widely spaced eyebrows. Choose straight or rounded shapes. An excellent choice would be the Hyperrealism technique, rather sparse hairs of different tones, directions and thicknesses do not weigh down the image and add additional charm.

Modeling is a complex process, only a professional can determine exactly what face shape you have. Experts do not recommend trying to change the shape of the eyebrows on your own, as you can make a lot of mistakes. 

Preparing for a tattoo

Avoid sun exposure for a week before the procedure. Avoid alcohol the day before your session. Do not drink coffee or other energy drinks on the day of your procedure.

Permanent eyebrow makeup can be done on calm healthy skin, it is not recommended to visit the solarium a few days before the session. Increased blood circulation can adversely affect the survival of the paint. It is advisable not to pluck your eyebrows at least a week before the procedure, but it is better to put aside the tweezers two weeks earlier.

Why is this needed? Eyebrow tattoos are done for a variety of reasons. Someone is just tired of cosmetics and wants to do long-term makeup. And someone needs to radically change their shape and transform their appearance. Excessive plucking of the eyebrows leads to a slowdown in the growth of hairs, in some cases they stop growing altogether. The master must see the natural growth of the eyebrows and rely on natural data. If you remove excess hairs, it will be difficult to know whether to fill this skin with dye. This is especially true for hair technology and microblading. Just imagine how the drawn hairs will look, on top of which their rather rigid and pronounced eyebrows grow, in this case it will take a long time to pluck the eyebrows at the place of the tattoo.

The pigment application process

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a painless procedure. For anesthesia, gels, ointments, sprays are used, which include lidocaine. In all cases, external means are sufficient – application anesthesia.

Anesthesia occurs in two phases: before the start of manipulations and in the middle of the session. The second dose of the drug in liquid form is distributed over the tattoo area during the work of the master. This ensures maximum comfort for the client and 100% painlessness.After the anesthesia takes effect and the skin loses its sensitivity, the master proceeds to the manipulations. With the help of a manipulative pen or a machine, the pigment is applied under the skin. The procedure lasts about 40-60 minutes.

Care after the procedure

In order for the result to meet expectations, you must strictly adhere to a number of rules:

  • do not wet your eyebrows until the crusts converge;
  • do not sunbathe, do not visit the sauna and swimming pool for 2 weeks after the session;
  • within 3 days after the procedure, do not take drugs that affect blood clotting;
  • do not remove the crusts;
  • don’t scratch your brows.
  • do not use scrubs, peels and other abrasive products until complete healing;
  • within a month after permanent makeup of the eyebrows, do not steam the face and do not clean, the skin should heal completely.

How long does the effect last?

With good care and timely correction, a tattoo can last for several years. The term also depends on the type of skin, metabolic rate, application technique and type of pigment. Light shades for blondes will come off before dark ones intended for brunettes. In young girls under 30 years old, the dye disappears faster than in older women.

Regular visits to the sauna and active sports affect the duration of the effect of eyebrow tattooing. This is due to the acceleration of metabolism. Thermal procedures enhance the outflow of lymph and blood microcirculation, thereby accelerating cell renewal. This means that the dye disappears faster. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, the pigment is destroyed faster.

Removal of low-quality tattoo

The procedure by an unskilled master can lead to unexpected consequences. But, like a tattoo, unsuccessful permanent eyebrow makeup can be reduced – with the help of a remover or a laser. The time for removing the dye can take several months, as the process occurs in stages. A remover is a chemical that is injected under the skin. The tool dissolves the pigment and brings it out. The procedure is suitable for reducing fresh and old pigment. The laser is also able to cope with an old permanent and acts on the deep layers of the epidermis.

After removing the dye, crusts and swelling may appear, as after a tattoo. The recovery period after each session lasts 1.5–2 months, so the final mixing takes a long time.

Pros and cons of permanent makeup

Before the procedure, you should carefully study how eyebrow tattooing is done so that the result meets your expectations. The benefits of permanent makeup include:

  • prolonged effect;
  • a clear outline;
  • giving volume and saturation to hairs;
  • correction of aesthetic defects.

The negative aspects of eyebrow tattooing include a number of contraindications and requirements for special care after the procedur

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