Eyelid liner is one of the most popular types of makeup, as it suits any style, whether casual or evening. Every woman who likes to emphasize her eyes with an arrow knows how difficult it is sometimes to draw even arrows on both eyes. At the same time, during the day you have to look in the mirror, paint on them and worry that the makeup does not drip or wear off. Eyelid tattooing eliminates the need for constant monitoring of eye makeup. This is a great alternative for those who love arrows and draw them every day with a pencil or liner. In this article, we will talk in detail about this type of permanent makeup: what are the techniques, what are their features, how to prepare and how to care for the tattoo so that it heals quickly and without consequences.

What is eye tattoo (eyelid)

From a technical point of view and the method of performing the procedure, permanent makeup of the eyelids is a standard way of introducing pigment into the upper layers of the skin. It is tightly entered in the form of a black arrow. The black color of the pigment is considered traditional, as it is more noticeable and the effect lasts longer, but the color can be any, at the request of the client: from dark brown to bright and saturated.

The shape of the arrow can have a different length, width. Her selection is based not only on the preferences of the client, but also on the experience of the master. The master always listens to the wishes of the client, but also chooses the shape based on the shape of the eyes, the shape of the face, the shape of the nose, and even the length and color of the eyelashes. The optimal technique is also chosen so that the result of the tattoo harmoniously fits into the image and emphasizes it.

Who is this procedure for?

The procedure has no age restrictions (except for those who have not reached the age of majority). the result looks luxurious on any eyes and perfectly emphasizes them, both for a young girl and older women. The main thing is to choose the right technique and the shape of the arrow.

Eyelid tattooing is an ideal option for lovers of arrows, since it is in this zone that the effect lasts the longest – from 2 years, and depending on the characteristics and age of the skin, it can reach 10 years. In this period, the need for the use of decorative cosmetics is eliminated. It is simply not needed, since the arrow always remains the correct shape and color, does not require drawing or saturation with color.

Benefits of permanent eye makeup

The advantages of this procedure are many:

  • The arrow looks neat and beautiful. It highlights the eyes, makes the eyelashes visually darker and thicker, spices up any type of makeup by focusing on the eyes;
  • The effect of tattooing allows you to correct the shape of the eye. Thanks to the correctly selected shape of the arrow, its length and thickness, you can visually change the fit of the eyes and their shape. A beautiful arrow will make round eyes more oblong, and narrow ones more round;
  • Hides small facial and age wrinkles, which often appear on the eyelids in the form of small folds. Also, the arrow will hide any congenital or acquired imperfections in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lash line and in its immediate vicinity;
  • A great option for those who suffer from poor eyesight, as it is very difficult to draw beautiful arrows with it. Tattoo can be done to women who wear glasses or lenses. It is absolutely safe for sight;
  • The procedure saves strength and nerves. Having completed the permanent eye, you do not need to paint your eyelashes every morning, this saves you time in the morning, especially when it passes in a hurry. No need to try to draw the same arrows, which, according to tradition, are not obtained the first time;
  • A long-lasting effect on the eyes will save money on renewing liners and pencils that constantly run out, dry out and at the same time do not give 100% durability during the day, unlike tattooing;
  • With a tattoo, there are no restrictions on your favorite activities. With it you can swim, sunbathe and always look spectacular. The arrows will not be erased under any circumstances, you do not need to worry about it.

Disadvantages of the procedure

Eye tattoo involves trauma to the skin. Therefore, the procedure has a number of contraindications. Absolute prohibitions on performing a permanent include: blood diseases, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, AIDS, epilepsy, mental disorders, oncology, viral diseases, progressive skin diseases. It is not recommended to get a tattoo during menstruation and stress.

Note that the procedure has several more weighty “cons”:

  • Eyelid tattooing cannot be done without anesthesia, since the skin on the eyelids is delicate, a large number of nerve endings are located in this area. Therefore, the procedure takes place only with the application of an anesthetic gel. Therefore, tattooing the arrow should not be done by pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, since lidocaine is part of the anesthetic. It is forbidden to women in these periods, as it penetrates into the blood. All permanent makeup techniques involve the use of an anesthetic, with the exception of powder eyebrows. Due to the peculiarities of the technique, powder spraying can be done without anesthesia;
  • If you have an oily skin type with excessive fat in the eyelid area, then the duration of the eye tattoo effect will be significantly reduced, you need to be prepared for this. An alternative would be inter-ciliary tattooing of the eyelids, the effect of which will be noticeable for one and a half to two years or more;
  • Immediately after the session, puffiness may form in the eyes, so you need to choose the right time for tattooing, not adjacent to important events and meetings. However, the formation of edema is an individual reaction of the body, it does not always happen. The chosen technique of tattooing the eyelids also matters. After inter-eyelash permanent makeup, puffiness is very rare, since the technique affects a very small area of ​​​​the skin.

How harmful is permanent eyelid makeup?

The procedure is absolutely harmless and does not pose a potential risk to health. It has absolute and relative contraindications, like any tattoo technique in all areas. But otherwise, it can be done by any women who want to get beautiful arrows in front of their eyes and not draw them every day in the morning. Moreover, eyelid tattooing eliminates the formation of an allergy to cosmetics and allows you to feel confident.

Types of eyelid tattoo (eye)

As soon as eyelid tattooing became popular, it was performed in two techniques: a traditional arrow and an inter-eyelash. Today, another technique has appeared – an arrow with shading. The very principle of the procedure has also changed. Special pigments are used for permanent makeup (previously paint was used), and the pigment itself is injected into the upper layers of the skin. Previously, the paint was injected deeply, which affected the duration of the effect and its appearance. The tattoo could remain in front of the eyes for a lifetime, eventually changing color from black to gray, blue and other shades.

Traditional (classic) arrow

A beautiful arrow with a smooth transition from a thin line to a wider and raised ponytail – this option is universal and suits absolutely any woman, regardless of age.

This technique has important advantages:

  • It helps to hide small imperfections in the eyelid area. For example, mimic wrinkles, pigmentation and other defects that I would like to get rid of;
  • The arrow will help visually correct the shape of the eyes, make them more round, or, conversely, elongated. Corrects the fit of the eyes and even visually changes the shape of the nose;
  • The classic arrow is a great option for aging skin, as it will emphasize the eyes and remove it from the impending eyelid. 

The shape of the arrow can be any at the request of the client. But often the master selects the form based on his experience and the features of the woman’s appearance. He may recommend making a wider arrow with a raised tail, or, conversely, choose a thin and neat arrow. But in any case, the final decision is always made by the client.

It is important to note that the classic arrow cannot be called invisible. Therefore, this technique should be chosen by those who are used to drawing arrows in front of their eyes every day. Otherwise, the tattoo will quickly get bored, since it cannot be hidden for a long time.

Interciliary eye tattoo

The most popular technique due to the amazing effect. The interlash looks unobtrusive, it is barely visible, but at the same time creates the effect of open eyes, longer and thicker eyelashes. The technique is performed by injecting pigment only into the space between the eyelashes along the lash line, which makes the eyes appear larger. The absolute advantage of the technique is its versatility, it is suitable for all women, regardless of age and skin type. At the same time, the effect of interlashes lasts longer than all techniques and can reach 10 years, depending on the characteristics of the body.

The eyelash arrow is not able to hide imperfections in the eyelid area and correct the shape of the eyes, but at the same time it looks great even if the eyelashes are not made up. 

At the moment, there are two types of eyelashes: inter-eyelash permanent make -up of the upper and lower eyelids. But the tattoo of the lower eyelid is no longer popular, as it is very noticeable and not suitable for everyone. For example, in the eyes of a round shape, the intercilia on the lower eyelid looks pretentious and rounds the eyes even more. And in general, this method of tattooing is no longer in vogue.

The procedure lasts no more than 40 minutes, it is relatively painless and brings great benefits to those who choose it.

Classic arrow with feathering

The best option for those who want to hide mimic wrinkles and imperfections in the eye area. A good way to visually lift the overhanging eyelid. This technique is suitable for those who want to highlight the eyes and look smart.

The principle of the technique is to create a traditional arrow in a form suitable for the face and apply pigment in the form of shading closer to the edge of the eyelid. Shading is done pointwise, which makes it more natural and beautiful.

The advantages of the technique lies in the duration of the effect and the transformation of the image. But at the same time, it is important to note that this technique should be chosen only if you are accustomed to a similar make-up and shade shadows or a pencil daily in front of your eyes. Otherwise, this technique will not work, as it looks obliging, forcing you to dye your eyelashes daily. Do not forget that the effect lasts for several years and over time the upper eyelid droops (due to age), which can change the overall appearance of the tattoo. But even in such situations, there is a way out – you can remove the permanent with a laser and completely get rid of the color on the eyelids.

Eye tattoo has advantages and disadvantages. Its unequivocal plus is that it eliminates the need to draw arrows every day in the morning, makes the eyes more expressive, and transforms the look. The downside is that the effect of eyelid tattooing is the longest compared to other areas. The arrow cannot be hidden with cosmetics, it will always be visible and can quickly get bored. Consider this before visiting the master and choosing a technique.

How to prepare for a tattoo

As such, there is no preparation for the procedure, you do not need to carry out any special manipulations. However, it is recommended to do the following a few days before the session:

  • Do not do any cosmetic and cosmetic procedures with eyelashes (Botox, lamination, extension);
  • Before the procedure, remove the extended eyelashes, as they will interfere with the master. In addition, during work, the master wipes the eyelid to remove excess pigment, which threatens the loss of extended eyelashes;
  • Avoid taking any medications that change the hormonal background and affect the blood and the rate of its coagulation;
  • Remove contact lenses before the procedure. Immediately after it, they can be put on, so you can take the lenses with you by putting them in a container with a solution;
  • Be sure to transfer the procedure for conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye and any ailments.

The implementation of such simple recommendations contributes to a good tattoo result in the future. Read more about preparing for a tattoo.

How long does eyelid permanent take

The duration of the procedure depends on the technique chosen. Interlash is performed faster than other techniques, it takes about 1 hour, including a discussion of the sketch. The longest time requires a classic hand with shading – up to 2.5 hours. At this time, consultation with the master, development and approval of the sketch is included.

Does permanent eye makeup hurt?

Most clients are concerned about pain during the procedure, as it is performed in close proximity to the eye. In fact, it is more of a psychological aspect. Women are afraid that it will be painful, but in fact, if you come to the procedure in a good mood and convince yourself that the procedure is painless, it will be so.

Indeed, the eyelid is a very sensitive area and without the use of local anesthesia, the procedure is painful. But when using an anesthetic gel, any sensations of discomfort are completely removed. At the same time, modern eye tattooing involves the introduction of pigment only into the upper layers of the skin, which barely injures it and minimizes pain.

During the procedure, the masters of our studio apply an anesthetic twice using the application method. The first time – before the procedure, to anesthetize the area, the second time – after it. Secondary anesthesia lasts about 4 hours. During this period, the damaged skin calms down, the pain disappears. Therefore, eye tattoo is painless.

Stages of healing eyelid tattoo

After the end of the procedure, it is very important to properly care for the damaged area so that the result of the arrow tattoo is correct, and the skin itself heals quickly and without consequences. The process of skin regeneration is different for everyone. Someone’s skin does not even turn red after the procedure, while someone has swelling.

Causes of puffiness in the eyes after tattooing

A slight swelling on the eyelids after the procedure is a normal reaction of the body to the fact that the skin has been injured. Within 1-2 hours at the end of the session, swelling and redness disappear on their own. If the swelling does not go away and becomes stronger, this may indicate:

  • Infections. If you properly care for the skin and treat it with antiseptics (chlorhexidine or other similar means), the swelling will go away on its own in 1-2 days. If it does not go away and there is a complication, you should consult a doctor;
  • Allergies. Even though permanent makeup pigments are hypoallergenic, an allergic reaction is still possible if the woman is allergic. In order for the swelling to subside, it is necessary to start taking antihistamine medications prescribed by an allergist;
  • High sensitivity of the body or skin. In this case, the swelling will quickly subside if a cold object or ice is applied to the eyelids. Before this, you need to put the item in a clean cloth folded in 2-3 layers;
  • Poorly performed procedure or non-professional master. Puffiness can form if the procedure was carried out using low-quality pigments or anesthetic, or if the pigment was injected deep under the skin. If other methods of getting rid of edema do not help, it is recommended to wait for the skin to heal and contact another master for revision. If the edema does not go away during the recovery period of the dermis or increases, you should consult a doctor.

What to Expect During Skin Healing and Recovery After an Eyelid Perm

From the moment of the first main procedure, it takes 28-30 days for the complete restoration of the skin. The first 5-10 days (depending on the body) the skin heals, and after another 2-3 weeks, the restoration and adaptation of the pigment takes place. During this period, there are a number of changes that you should be aware of.

First day

After the main procedure, the arrows on the eyes look very bright and clear. There may be redness and swelling, which should subside within a few hours. Lymph is released from the injured area – in this way the body fights the pigment, which it perceives as a foreign substance, and the immune system tries to protect the body from possible pathogenic microorganisms. The main task is to remove the lymphatic fluid as quickly as possible so that it does not dry out on the skin. It is recommended to get rid of lymph with a cotton swab and chlorhexidine. As soon as the lymphatic fluid began to stand out less often, an emollient and moisturizer should be applied to the tattoo area. For this, ordinary cosmetic Vaseline is suitable. An alternative to petroleum jelly can be any other specialized ointments and gels recommended by the master. 

Second day

On the second day, the arrow will become brighter. This is due to the fact that the pigment, partially released from the skin, mixed with the selected lymph and dried up. Lymph can still stand out a little, it should be disposed of in the same way as on the first day.

You should also continue to use emollient ointments. They should be applied no longer than 2 hours, allowing the skin to breathe.

Third to seventh day

During this period, the skin gradually heals and crusts may appear. If in the first few days after permanent make-up of the eyelids skin care was provided correctly and on time, then instead of rough crusts there will be slight peeling. However, you can not touch the keratinized skin, intentionally tear it off, even if the peeling is barely noticeable.

Itching may appear in the area of ​​the permanent. It is not recommended to scratch the eyes, but if the itching is severe, then you can gently press on the eyelids with your hands above the arrows, reducing the sensation of itching.

10 days-2 weeks

The skin has already healed, but is still quite vulnerable. Therefore, during this period, it is not recommended to carry out any cosmetic procedures and paint eyelashes with mascara. It is forbidden to go to the sauna, swimming pool or swim in the reservoirs.

The color of the arrow will become lighter and visible imperfections may begin to appear.

After 14 days

In this period, the skin has already completely healed, so you can paint your eyelashes with mascara, use decorative cosmetics. The color of the arrows can change, be noticeable and bright, or it can completely disappear. It is absolutely individual. Deficiencies can become even more noticeable, but you should not panic, as all this will be eliminated with the help of a correction.

Contact professional permanent makeup artists

70% of the success of eyelid tattooing depends on the professionalism of the master. The quality of equipment, pigments, consumables used by the master during the procedure is very important. We do not recommend saving on the services of a master.

Contact only professionals. When choosing a master, be sure to look at his portfolio with examples of work, read reviews on forums and websites. We do not recommend trusting craftsmen working at home, as it is impossible to ensure complete sterility and disinfection at home. Reach out to experts with experience. Only in this case you will feel all the benefits of eye tattooing.

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